Speakeasy Entertainment Privacy Policy

About Us

Both Nightjar and Oriole are owned by Speakeasy Entertainment Ltd. It is a company incorporated in England and Wales, (no. 06728742) and whose registered address is C/O Jeffreys Henry, Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood St, London EC1V 9EE, United Kingdom. VAT No: 991591184        

How we use your information

Speakeasy Entertainment Ltd is a Controller of customer information and we take your privacy seriously.

What information we have:

We have information in two separate databases, for two separate purposes:

1. We have an email database for our newsletter consisting of names and email addresses, assembled via MailChimp.

2. We have a bookings database consisting of names, email addresses and contact numbers, assembled by DesignMyNight.  

How we get people’s information:

1. The email database is solely added to via a Newsletter signup page on both the Oriole and Nightjar websites. We now enable two step verification when you register your email address to receive our newsletters.

2. Our second database is solely added to by an individual making a booking for one of the bars via DesignMyNight or by contacting us either via email or telephone to make a booking.

Why we have your information:

1. If you have signed up for our newsletter, we use the information outlined above to contact you regarding news from Speakeasy Entertainment Limited (trading as both Nightjar and Oriole), such as upcoming performances, special offers and news.


2. If you made a booking via DesignMyNight or directly with us, we use your contact details expressly to contact you about that specific booking.

How we look after your data:

1. Our Newsletter database has been kept with Mailchimp, which means it is password protected, not kept locally, and requires people to confirm they want to be added to our database. Mailchimp automatically removes information if an email hard bounces or if they receive an unsubscribe request.


2. Your booking information is retained by DesignMyNight, in order to save you time in case you wish to make another booking at one of our venues in the future. This database is password protected and not kept locally.


Storage & Disposal

We do not keep your data on local servers or downloaded on to our own computers. All information is cloud based and only staff that mange bookings and mailing lists have the password protected access to those cloud based databases.

We are the Data Controller and ensure that access to your data is managed responsibly. The Data Processors who hold the information about our Newsletter mailing list and Bookings Enquiries are MailChimp and DesignMyNight, respectively.

To read MailChimp’s Privacy Policy, click here.

To read DesignMyNight Privacy Policy, click here.

How you can control what information is kept & the “Right to be Forgotten”

On every Newsletter we send there is the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list which is then done automatically by Mailchimp. You can also email info@speakeasyents.com at any time to ask for your information to be removed.

If you wish your information to erased from DesignMyNight, again you can email us at info@speakeasyents.com or contact DesignMyNight via information.security@theaccessgroup.com